Zero Decibels : The Quest for Absolute Silence

Zéro décibel : en quête du silence absolu

Zero Decibels : The Quest for Absolute Silence est le prochain livre de George Michelsen Foy, qui vient d’ouvrir un blog, Shut up and listen !, One Man’s Quest for Absolute Silence.

George Michelsen Foy’s latest non-fiction book, Zero Decibels (Scribner; May 2010) describes the writer’s quest to discover whether true silence exists, and if so, where to find it—a quest that continues in the author’s own life and work. Foy has written for numerous publications including Harper’s, Men’s Journal, and Rolling Stone, on subjects that range from mourning and the funeral industry to modern, seagoing pirates. He has published twelve novels. He lives in coastal Massachusetts with his wife, two children, and one Maine coon cat. Zero Decibels is a passionate exploration of our need for true silence in an age of noise.

“A compelling, lyrical exploration of an increasingly rare and elusive place: silence. Foy employs every means that modernity offers both to measure the pervasiveness and power of noise in modern life and to escape it. The results of his journey offer us not just a deeper appreciation of silence but, more surprisingly, of sound.”—Charles Siebert, author of The Wauchula Woods Accord

“George Foy has written the perfect antidote for our increasingly noisy age. Zero Decibels is meditative, witty, lyrical, and fascinating. Every page is a revelation.” —Alan Burdick, author of Out of Eden: An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion

“Zero Decibels is the result of George Foy’s year-long and personal quest for silence. A passionate and provocative study, it should be on everyone’s must-read list.”—Anne D. LeClaire, author of Listening Below the Noise: The Transformative Power of Silence

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“As questing beasts go, silence proves to be as elusive as an aural unicorn in a dense thorny forest of attention-shredding noise. That a writer such as George Michelson Foy should apply his immense brain power and obsessive investigative skills to stalking this intriguing prey is a surprise and a pure delight. The result is a lively, elegantly written examination of nothing no less than our existence, as it pours into, and out of, our humble ears. The art and science of hearing has found its poet laureate.”—Bob Shacochis, author of Easy in the Islands and The Immaculate Invasion

Date de parution prévue : 18 mai 2010

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