Acouphènes : le Chant du Diable

Toxic Tinnitus

Le groupe norvégien de heavy metal Toxic a accouché d’une chanson nommée Tinnitus, ie “acouphènes” en anglais, dans son album “Fear” récemment paru.

“Noise, this is demon’s noise in my head…”

This is the video “Tinnitus” by the Norwegian band Toxic.
The song Tinnitus is featured on Toxic’s latest album “Fear”.

The video is made by Incitus Films.

Directed and Produced by Jarle Bjørknes.
Photographer: Frank Shortt
(Who has made documentaries both for Rush and Iron Maiden)

The video/song is about the terrible illness called Tinnitus.
It start like a physical decise, which in the end can lead to full deafness. It can also cause mental illness, which often ends up in madness, and sometimes even suicide.
Hopefully, we’d suceeded to illustrate Tinnitus with this film.

“Noise, this is demon’s noise in my head…”

Le Diable rit avec moi depuis près de six ans maintenant…

Le heavy metal se prête particulièrement bien à ce thème car il faut avouer que l’on n’est pas vraiment dans la salsa du démon.

Tracklist de l’album “Fear” :
01) Preludium
02) Lucifer
03) Fear
04) Live On
05) I am the Fire
06) Panic
07) Tinnitus
08) Feed me Bitch
09) Freedom
10) Truth
11) Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
12) Greed
13) Every Beating is a Lie
14) Fear None

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