Peter Brown – « Crank It Up Funk Town »

Sourd et fou Ă  lier ?


Peter Brown – Crank It Up Funk Town (1979)

Qui est ce Peter Brown ?

[…] However, after his fourth album Snap in 1984, he retired from music. In a recent interview he gave the reasons, saying: “There are two main reasons why I’m not active in the music business anymore. The first being after starting a family I thought it was best for me to be home with them rather than recording or touring the country. The other is that I have developed a fairly pronounced case of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ears that never stops. It is brought about, in some cases, by constant exposure to loud environments. The longer I was exposed to loud music on stage or in the recording studio the worse my tinnitus became. Eventually I decided I had to preserve my hearing and sanity by retiring to a quieter lifestyle.”

Pour les anglophobes, Peter Brown a donc mis de cĂ´tĂ© sa carrière musicale pour deux raisons. La première qui Ă©tait un vrai choix : celui de passer plus de temps auprès de sa famille. La deuxième qui Ă©tait une obligation : sa passion a entraĂ®nĂ© l’apparition d’acouphènes qui s’aggravaient Ă  mesure qu’il poursuivait concerts et enregistrements studio. Il n’avait plus d’autre solution, alors, que de se retirer du business, pour je cite, “prĂ©server son audition… et sa santĂ© mentale“.

Car oui, ne l’oublions jamais : quoiqu’en puisent dire tant d’ORL, les acouphènes affectent rĂ©ellement la santĂ© mentale.

Et encore n’est-il pas question ici d’hyperacousie…

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